Amaterasu of the Sun Deck

Author: William Boseman Date Uploaded: 2 months ago Last Updated: 2 months ago
Deck Views: 230 Deck Comments: 2 Deck Format: Premium
Deck Clan: Oracle Think Tank

Deck Description

After her and her teammates' victory against Ultra-Rare, Misaki rebuilt her Deck once more with the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu she obtained from the shop as her new ace using her skill to freely get any card in her deck on hit. She uses cards like Dark Cat and Maiden of Libra to increase her handsize to benefit CEO Amaterasu and to defend against the next attack. She also uses Battle Deity, Susanoo and Battle Maiden, Sayorihime to increase her attacking power as well as White Hare of Inaba to skip the crossride and get Goddess of the Sun to full power faster.

Deck Breakdown

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