You're Gonna Be Busted (Busted)

Author: PirateUnlife Date Uploaded: 1 month ago Last Updated: 1 month ago
Deck Views: 184 Deck Comments: 0 Deck Format: Premium
Deck Clan: Murakumo

Deck Description

Dumb idea I had when I saw Tamamo Fox. Basically the idea is to use Buster to call her out. With her own skill she'll get +1 Drive on RC and with Buster she can actually do a drive check. So yeah, triple drive rear guard plus triple drive vanguard. Also Buster can put back the OT, so that's funny. Harikentengu and Lake Diver are there as a back up win-con to set up Homura Raider + they're stealth fiends. 

Deck Breakdown

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