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Are you planning to spend the weekend with your friends? How about playing some online action games to double the fun? We knew you would love the idea. Well, you have made it to the right place because we have compiled some of the best fighting games to play on the internet in this post.

If you play online games often, you might be a little worried about lag. Fighting games are particularly affected by lag, which is a common complaint among majority of the online gamers. A frame or sixtieth of a second is the measure of fast reactions in the modern state of the genre. In professional circles, even a few frames of lag can influence the outcome of a round.

So, what to do? Get a reliable and steady internet connection! Yes, ISP plays a crucial role here. You do not have to go for an expensive provider, but make sure it has a decent speed. If you are looking for suggestions, Xfinity is a good choice. The speeds are pretty good and the plans are affordable as well. Contact Xfinity Customer Service to get more details.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

It was completely unanticipated to be any good, and those who predicted it were right for the first few months. In Battle for the Grid, Power Rangers TV characters from several versions face off in 3v3 battles. At launch, it received lukewarm reviews, but slowly grew its fan base through patches and season passes. If you are a Power Rangers fan, Battle for the Grid might help you fill your Marvel vs. Capcom 3-shaped hole.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

You have some explaining to do if you are into fighting games and have not played Garou. How could you not know about this game? Featuring an older Terry Bogard and his adopted son, Rock Howard, Garou is the final game in the classic Fatal Fury series. There are many characters who would later appear in many King of Fighters games that are fast paced and furious.

Code Mystics upgraded Garou with solid net code on Steam in January, along with some of the best pixel art in video game history. Before you're too old to hold a joystick, you should give this game an evening of your time.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

There are certainly other Dragon Ball games out there, but Dragon Ball FighterZ is surely one of the best. It is a sumptuous brawler that is accessible and rich in depth, thanks to Aristocrat's experience developing some of the most complex and technically sophisticated fighting games on the market. With Dragon Ball FighterZ, the studio exhibited plenty of love and care for one of the most beloved series in anime.

There's no doubt that FighterZ is a brilliant tribute to Dragon Ball, from its amazing anime aesthetic to the match-specific intros and finish cutscenes - Yamcha's death pose is simply beautiful. It's evident that all that care and craft went into Goku, even if you don't know him from Super Saiyan God Goku.

EA Sports UFC 4 

You can choose from a wide range of fighters in this game. The best part about this game is that there are 81 variations of some of those characters. Additionally, there are over two hundred playable characters in the game. Many people do not like the ground game and don't think the graphics have improved significantly.

Beginners might find this game the most user-friendly. In the game's career mode, players can experience all the fighting styles and build their fighters according to their preferences.

The King of Fighters XV

It has been quite a while since a KoF game was as good as this one. Since the first King of Fighters game in 1994, the series has experimented with different gameplay mechanics, and the newest entry in the series follows suit.

A new defensive option introduced in KoF XV requires you to sacrifice power gauges in order to counter an attack. Furthermore, older mechanics have been tweaked for easier use by newer players. There are now two versions of Max Mode: one that increases your fighter's attack and guard crush strengths, and the other that cancels any attack you land.

The online offerings of this game are impressive. You can play against others and interact with other players through its online training mode. In the PC version, improvements to the netcode make online battles feel as close to being in an arcade as possible. Newcomers will not likely be able to compete against KoF veterans, but with practice, you can improve.

That’s all, folks! Finding the perfect online fighting game can be a little tough, especially with so many options out there. We have tried to ease the process with this post. We hope you find it helpful. If you also have online fighting games to add to the list, please let us know by commenting below.

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