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  • FlooffyBeast (4 days ago): Oh. Only 8 of a trigger type are allowed now unless otherwise stated on the card. They made that decision, ironically, right after they revealed D format would get a third crit for every nation. There was a mass player migration over that, which is perfectly justified, and the game has been in a financially worse place ever since.
  • omegyun (6 days ago): Suck a kawaii deck! I love just how cute it is. Arkhite is one of my favorite art designs in Brandt and I love the way you incorporated the three sisters into the deck. I can imagine all of them cleaning up after the kaiju
  • omegyun (6 days ago): @FlooffyBeast I just wanted to make something fun, I don't really post my competitive decks on here. I do sometimes on digimon, but not often
  • FlooffyBeast (1 week ago): Tier Square is also considered a trigger here, so you're still missing one. As for the normal units, this is just my deck with a difference in ratio of 2. Same units.
  • FlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): I still don't see how she gets quad drive, but I appreciate the description.
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