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  • rinni (1 day ago): alternatively named the "inlet is too expensive deck"
  • Ratman2 (2 days ago): Based Furry Man
  • FlooffyBeast (1 week ago): If you could take my like, I would give it. Eugene Skywalker is one of my favorite vanguards.
  • FlooffyBeast (1 week ago): She only gets 3 attacks currently, so you need powerful boosters or you're never winning with her. But Gungnram is a good draw option for her. I have yet to see reason to run the restand heal trigger. It's still not meta enough. Most multi-attacks just call during battle phase anyway. I also don't see enough people gaining crits through effects to justify 2 of those. I debated Miroslava, but the deck can't cc, so I consider it more of an alternative to Botis, unless you just don't want to use his effect. Plus this build will typically sb your non-triggers for Inhale Pit. And what does "de w/e" mean?
  • Onai (1 week ago): I disagree with 4 of the ride deck g1 I dont find her that important, if anything i'd run the sb3 draw a card guy over her. The heal lineup looks odd, more often see 4 of the regular heal 2-2 or 2-1-1 , 3-1 is weird. Falcate is de w/e but i really like botis tbh, works well with pit, the other card id say to run at least a few copies of is microsilva, recycle them persona rides. That's just my op tho
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