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  • vicezero94236 (1 week ago): Have you try this setup before? personally, i dont really have many troubles running this deck even soul blasting isn't really an issue. Feel free to comment if you found any problems in this deck. i'll make a better list next time, but for me, winning 6 to 10 pairing means this is a good deck for me
  • ShinyVlogger (1 week ago): Wrong Amount of Units bro. There are certain amount if you count in the anime or the trial deck. You can calculate draw rate smh
  • ShinyVlogger (1 week ago): Ren doesn't use an unbalanced deck like this smh
  • SelfPuppet (1 week ago): Funny trigger card.
  • SelfPuppet (1 week ago): The only problem I have with your deck is why you use cards with the "Final Rush" condition. Do you know that you need a vanguard with the "Final Rush" skill to trigger them?
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