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  • Melendius (21 hours ago): idk who updates the site but they havent updated it in a hot minute so thats why we dont have the clarissa starter.
  • ChrisThunder555 (1 week ago): you should run more g3 units, the Order line up is a little too thick
  • Danish88j (1 month ago): oohh ok sorry i did not notice that hahahaha orite i will change it later
  • thed4rknss (1 month ago): Hardleg is banned tho
  • chibachoose (2 months ago): Just wanted to say, I've copied this decklist and it's great. I've been able to consistently beat Bruce decks. Oshikuni is definitely better than Volcanigun Dragon just thanks to the 5k shield. the 3k power difference doesn't seem to matter too much.
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