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When it comes to card games, everyone must remember having a huge deck of Pokémon cards, right? You would be astonished to know that some of those vintage Pokémon cards even went on to be sold for millions of dollars to collectors who were passionate about collecting Pokemon cards.

Pokemon is the kind of anime that has fans all over the world even today. There was a point when people even made apps such as Pokemon Go which allowed people to feel as if they were actually in the world of Pokemon. You can download the game on your phone too but make sure you have a reliable internet connection since the game needs an active internet connection all the time.

In that case, it would be a great idea to look into Xfinity since it is among the best internet services in the country. However, today we will be talking about all the best Pokemon cards that have existed until now. So make sure that you read all the way to the end so that you can spot if you have any of those or not.

  1. Rayquaza Gold Star

Back in the day if you had this card, it was a pretty huge deal. Rayquaza is from the ex-Deoxys set and it can easily be said that this card is in itself a complete powerhouse. You would be amazed to know that the PSA 10-graded version of the card sold for an astonishing price of $48k in 2023. Here you can probably tell how much these cards are worth and why it was important to have these cards in the first place.

Another great thing about Rayquaza Gold Star is that it is considered to be among the best Gold Star cards in the entire series. So if you happen to have one of these in its original state, then you can be a potential millionaire as well.

  1. Mega Charizard X-EX

Charizard is among the best Pokemon to ever exist, right? Be it the Pokemon show, the Pokemon movies, or even Pokemon Go. The same is the case with Pokemon cards as well and one of the most powerful Pokemon cards is the Mega Charizard X-EX which is even stronger than the regular Charizard counterpart.

The card has a brilliant attack called the Wild Blaze which does an astonishing 300 worth of damage. Not only that, but instead of doing damage to itself, this card causes the cardholder to discard five cards from their own deck. Losing cards isn’t something that would be seen as ideal but if the player is smart enough, dealing damage worth 300 is a lot more than losing 5 cards. This Pokemon card also has a lot more HP, letting you last longer while in battle.

  1. Mega Gardevoir-EX

Another one on the list of iconic Pokemon is Gardevoir, which evolved from Kirlia. Gardevoir is also a pretty common and strong Pokemon in Pokemon Go, making it easier to catch or evolve when there is an event going on. However, since we are talking about Pokemon Cards, it is impossible that we could leave out the Mega Gardevoir-EX card.

The card has an attack called the Brilliant Arrow that does damage worth 30 but the catch is that you attach an energy card with it and it does damage worth 30 times the amount of energy that you attach to all your Pokemon. The best part is, that this attack has no damage cap to it, you can deal as much damage as you want as long as you play your cards right and you may even defeat your opponent’s Pokemon in one shot!

  1. University Promo Magikarp

While many people seem to believe that Magikarp is as useless as it could possibly be, that is not the case. First things first, Magikarp evolves into the mighty Gyarados, which is why you shouldn’t take Magikarp lightly either. You would also be glad to know that there was a rare University Promo Edition of Magikarp that was created exclusively in Japan and today it is considered a collector’s item.

Only 1,000 copies of the card were made and if anyone is in possession of it today, then they would be surprised to know that they can make a lot of money if they ever consider selling it off. At one auction, one of these University Promo editions of Magikarp sold for a staggering $66,000! Can you imagine that?

Ending Note

Nearly all of us have grown up watching Pokemon on TV and even playing with Pokemon cards. If we didn’t play with them, we were sure to collect a huge deck of Pokemon cards so that we could compete with our friends on who had the best cards and how many. It is high time that you whip out your old deck too and see how many of them are exceptionally powerful!

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