D Lyrical Monasterio: Powerful Idol Herminia

Author: Kuharu Kirito Date Uploaded: 2 months ago Last Updated: 2 months ago
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Deck Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

Deck Description

Long time no see, this time I comback and try to finish D Lyrical Monasterio series to come some new D decks are coming. And I will edit some old deck with new support come out.

Back to Herminia, her ability is used to give you a 4th attack and reduce the next CB in turn. 

Grade 3:

+ Coming Beauty, Herminia has a weird ability and you need to focus and count on that. She need you have no soul and face-up card in damage to Stand a rear. This mean you need to count Counter Blast to use in turn to maximum your power with only 2 unit that I will talk later. With her first ability, you can easy Counter Blast all your card in damage zone but like I said before, you need to keep 1 or 2 Counter Blast to activate some ability some unit when you need more +5k to VC.

+ Faithful Eye, Liliana is your first target to Stand. She will always 23k Power with her ability. You need to keep at least 1 Counter Blast to her first attack, then when you stand her and you out of your Counter Blast, Herminia can reduce that for you. 

+ Worldwide Special Live Tour! Is your extra Counter Blast. I put 1 because this doesn't need much but if you has this, you can choose to CB1 and VC +5k or CB2 and all RC +5k.

Grade 2: 

+ Mia Mia Ensemble, Nala is your main + card but she need you have only 1 card in soul if you don't want to discard card in hand for nothing.

+ Immense Aptitude, Leraye is your second target for Stand. She can drive in RC and help you -1 Soul in every turn. You need at least 2 Counter Blast for her frist attack, then when your VC attack, this time you will need Quiet Ambush, Mewsta in your back row center RC to Counter Chagre 1, and with Herminia's ability, you can activate Leraye's ability again with 1 Counter Blast.

Grade 1:

+ Burgeoning Tone, Signe is your main booster for RC in this deck. Her abilities are so great which can stand anytime and can - soul for you when she Stand. Because this not a cost so she can Stand when you have no Soul. She can give herself 5k for the turn when she boost, that mean she can be 18k Boost in 4th's attack of your Powerful Rear.

+ Quiet Ambush, Mewsta is your RC to Counter Chagre for Leraye and which ability give all Front Row RC +2k, you can have a magic number for your attack.

+ Enjoy Summer Day! Holly is here to Soul Blast all your Soul if you have it because her ability is not 1/turn so you can soul as many as you like. And which her ability, you can switch unit on field to match the spot they need to stay.

+ Treat as Earnest Wish, Hanael with Elementaria Sanctitude. In other way, this card look like the same other Sentinel but if you fight with Nirvana, Bastion, Kairi, Seraph, … you will not have to discard to activate its. On the other side, this card can get aways with some ability like "cannot call normal unit."

Deck Breakdown

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