Nirvana Jheva (Set 7)

Author: Cauzz Date Uploaded: 1 year ago
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Deck Nation: Dragon Empire

Deck Description

Lots of retire, card draw, and extra block, so play more value oriented. Make sure to get good value from cards, and don't spend your resources too quickly. Remember that abilities tied to costs are optional - they only happen when you choose to pay the cost. Retiring the opponent's board while also attacking vanguard rips away their card resources through guard pressure and retire, while you get value through Jheva's revive ability, card draw, and high value blockers like Biruz and blitz orders.

4x Bram Vairina - Great beater for 0 cost. [Soul blast (1)] for 2 retire is bonkers, so bram has a lot of guard pressure if they don't want to let you do that.
2x Baul Vairina - Drive checks! The condition sometimes takes a lot to fulfill, so we run only 2 of as a finisher/big push play.
4x Biruz Vairina - +1 from drop, resist, no cost? amazing. Also helps with the midrangey playstyle this deck has with extra block value.

Prayer dragon:
4x Bramahda - Extra card draw is amazing! But remember that your counter-blast is a scarce resource, as there isn't any counter-charge in jheva, so don't use the ability every time you X-overdress.
2x Urbago - Good to combo with Baul, helping you fulfill its conditions/costs. Only use its ability during those big push turns.
2x Gatoyagard - No cost for 2 soul charge, but only when your soul is empty. When one of these are in hand/drop, you can use your soul more readily. Great with Baul, since Baul's [Soul Blast (2)] for retire can be used more than once per turn if you want to, so you can empty your soul to use this. Careful with decking out though.

4x Trickstar - Self-explanatory.
4x Sentinel - Self-explanatory. Run the blitz order sentinel if you have it.
1x Connecting Holy Flames - Extra guard value to help with the value style. Might take out one Gatoyagard or Urbago for a second copy. Or remove it for third Baul Vairina.

The standard trigger line-up. If you prefer 8 crit/3 draw that's fine too.

Deck Breakdown

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