Aggro Prison (Set 6)

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Deck Description

That's right, aggro prison. Use Detain Cycla to get 10 prison on turn 4.

Turn 2 - Play 1 Makarite/Cuff Spring for 2 in prison after Risatt Pink. Now if they take out both from prison, they both go back in from Seraph Snow next turn. If the match-up plays lots of rear guards on turn 2/3, you can skip this since you'll have targets for Seraph Snow anyways, and you'll want to keep the prison cards for when your detain is active.
Turn 3 - Get 3 in prison for Triple Drive and use Detain Cycla and Suppress Gleamer. On opponent's turn, block if they attack your Detain, no guard on attacks against vanguard. If you damage check a trigger, give power to Detain Cycla.
Turn 4 - Purelight (+5 or 6 to prison) and get to 10 prison by slamming all your cards for insane power and crits. If you have another purelight in hand, don't detain, since you can easily get back to 10 prison by using another purelight. If you don't have purelight, use detain cycla again. You may need to use Dekarcop's effect for soul to do this.
Turn 5+ - Keep bashing them with +crit huge columns from purelight ability + suppress gleamer. You shouldn't need to use detain more than twice in a game.

Hard mulligan for detain cycla and purelight. We run 3 detain cycla because we always want one on turn 3, but seeing any more than that one is a liability. We use Makarite/Cuff Spring over other prison cards because they're guaranteed, whereas Agra Rouge and other cards require rear guards from the opponent. We're focused on prison count only, not board control abilities. 2x Chevalstud because draw is always good and counterblast is not used much in this deck, but Suppress Gleamer should be your rear guard boosters so play chevalstud as vanguard booster.

Is this any good? idk try it out.

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