G3 Bruce (Set 6)

Author: Cauzz Date Uploaded: 1 year ago
Deck Views: 2,147 Deck Comments: 0 Deck Format: Standard
Deck Nation: Dark States

Deck Description

You can flex 4x vs 3x between these cards:
- Lenard
- Dober
- Protobulb
- Hellblast Fulldive
- 0x/1x/2x of Special "Violence" Yell

I like this spread the best though. Also you can use standard OT over the dark states one, as the standard one is better for OTK during final rush. The dark states one is more consistent since it's good when you hit it on turn 1/2/3 whereas the standard one sucks if you hit it early but is pretty much an auto-win if you hit it during final rush.

Run the blitz order sentinel if you get it. 

Deck Breakdown

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