Arkhite the Kaiju Researcher

Author: Cauzz Date Uploaded: 1 week ago Last Updated: 3 days ago
Deck Views: 349 Deck Comments: 0 Deck Format: Standard
Deck Nation: Brandt Gate

Deck Description

The violate dragon PG should be the blitz order PG.

Bobalmine is getting errata'd by Bushiroad to synergize with this deck:
Detonation Mutant Bobalmine => Detonation Monster Bobalmine

> Always search out 2 Torrential Energy Research cards with ride line unless you draw into one.
> Don't put Cycloguardes into drop using your Orders. They'll find their way into your drop when using them to guard.
> Your best combo will be to have a robot on one column, and a Goukatera/Weiboros in the other with Bobalmine behind it. Then, during battle phase use Arkhite's second effect to put the front row monster into order zone, and search a Cycloguarde onto the field for your fourth attack. If you have a Bobalmine boosting, it's usually better to attack unboosted first, then boost the Cycloguarde for magic numbers. Your end-turn board now has a good intercepter for your opponent's turn, and the monsters that cannot intercept are now in your order zone.

Deck Breakdown

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