Avantgarda Gundam (Improved)

Author: kiri Date Uploaded: 1 week ago Last Updated: 1 week ago
Deck Views: 522 Deck Comments: 1 Deck Format: Standard
Deck Nation: Brandt Gate

Deck Description

Hi! Its me again. So after some thinking and modding for this certain deck, I want to explore the different options that can be used for it in order to explore more consistent ways to get the persona ride out.

Side note the order there is chalice, somehow this doesnt allow me to add it inside.

So currently im still thinking of keeping the dragontree option in although it may be abit counterblast heavy, it can help refill the columns quickly in the situation where faced with heavy retiring of units, like gravidia. Removed the new g3 as the cb and sb isnt worth the search for the g3 order, most of the time the ones that are playable should be the g1 order for the comfortable retire to help clear board.

Its generally better to run more g2s for the shield/intercept. So far the deck is looking pretty solid, maybe can reach up to tier 1, but with the new upcoming meta its quite hard to say. Consistent swings from vg kinda makes me feel like its kinda like yb? except that this deck can only comfortably show up on turn 4, so its quite risky to say the least if ur going first. Usually this case its better to put in extra pressure at the start of the round, as the g2 order isnt that neccessary so its better to just call it out.

Deck Breakdown

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