Quad-Drive Loronerol

Author: ronelm2000 Date Uploaded: 1 year ago Last Updated: 1 year ago
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Deck Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

Deck Description

PS: Replace the single Non-Song Order (Aim to be the Strongest Idol!) with Evergreen Transphere because this site can't make me replace it.

Deck Choices

This is basically a mix of old and new Loronerol designed to filter out the deck as much as possible, using Loronerol's new profile to provide much needed advantage engines for the deck and allow for massive deck filtering, and old Loronerol to finish games when needed. Considering how easy it is to search for targets with Shibanu and Marilou, some concessions were made for the grade ratios, instead opting for spicy tech such as Florenzia, which can be summoned in using the new Loro.

Eileen is used to provide additional "drive checks" to Loro, so it's not really a true Penta-Drive like Chronojet, but considering how easy it is to bring our Eileen, it's fine.

Alternate Options

Clear Shimmer, Aura

Allows you to fetch Evergreen Transphere and Elementaria (if you run those). Not really recommended anymore on the new Loro build because Marilou is just way too good at her job.

Other Songs

Allows for more Marilou targets. There's definitely alot of "flavor" you can add with this deck by either complelety opting in for Madder Red Runaway (at maybe 2 or 3 copies) for additional draw power and criticals on Vanguard (really crucial when a good player might just no-guard the Vanguard).

Cooling Heart, Yuika

Considering that there's actually a relatively low Soul Blast rate for this deck (We've already cleaned out our Dancing Score, Elmer.), this can be added to save and recycle Marilous or even Shibanu, should you want to. Tho, after using a bunch of our CBs, your deck will become very very dangerously thin (which is the primary reason this deck has no more Draw Triggers).

Fantasia Snuggling in the Moon, Adelheit

Provides a great way to add in more attacks (if you have guarded with your OT), as well as recycle Shibanus and save your Eileens from the inevitable triple attack Everlasting Thunderstorm of Narukami. This is my recommendation should you opt out of Florenzia.

What Color is your Wish? Warschblanc

There has been alot of Loronerol lists that have added this, and for good reason as Loronerol (new) really just has the balls to utilize the entire toolset for this card. This allows your columns to hit slightly harder, as well as provide draw power. It's your generic LM cycler, so of course it's good. And expensive. Which is the only reason why this card didn't make my cut. And did I mention how you can get dangerously close to decking out with this deck? There may be a combo with this card by having some kind of RG that discards when placed, but I've not seen one yet and I don't care. I would recommend this card alot more if you also opt in for more Madder Red Runaway over Twilight Sound of Waves. Note that Loro will shuflle your deck, which means you WILL see this card again.

Hoppin'Stellar, Melty

No. Okay maybe she can be used as your budget Warsch if you get really unlucky, but you really don't need her in the Loro build, not since Shibanu made her job practically redundant over time.



Deck Breakdown

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