V Reverse: Genesis Queen Himiko

Author: Kuharu Kirito Date Uploaded: 1 month ago Last Updated: 1 month ago
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Deck Clan: Genesis

Deck Description

This deck focus on rush in G1, G2 turn and reduce soul blast from Non-reverse Himiko to maximize her ability with some RC. Let's talk about beginning at the game instead of G3 turn. You will use Apple Witch, Cider and Witch of Orange, Valencia to rush your opponent as much as possible with Cider can return to hand and Valencia can put herself and the attacked Rear to soul. For example, you play in second turn, ride G1. Then call Valencia and 1 trigger unit in the same column/call Cider to boost your other RC/call Valencia to boost your other RC. Rush your opponent with their attack and use their ability to put Valencia and 1 RC to soul or return Cider to hand. Don't worry about Soul because which Cider and Valencia, you will get a lot of soul.

On G2 turn, use Unappeasable Biter, Gleipnir to return 1 card from soul to hand, especially Non-reverse Himiko or Himiko Reverse. If G1 turn, you did not put any trigger to your soul, in G2 turn, keep Venus Witch, Reppler in hand and when your opponent attack, try to guard with 1 or more trigger unit. During next G3 turn, call Reppler and put 1 trigger unit to soul. 

The main combo is around Non-reverse Himiko and Battle Maiden, Shitateruhime which can make Himiko's cost is SB5 + 1 trigger to SB3 + 1 trigger and which your Valencia in soul, you can soul her out and bind her to get back 1 soul. 

Battle Maiden, Imari can only activate in the second G3 turn or more

Which Non-reverse Himiko and Himiko Reverse, You use Draw Trigger with Non-reverse Himiko to gets more card to hand and Himiko Reverse can do any trigger because in normal game without fighting with Link Joker, her can only get 1 trigger ability and power.

That's it, Himiko Reverse don't hard to play but you must think when and which trigger you must use to maximize your ability.

Some option you can do:

+ Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime can be used to reduce Soul Blast to 3 make Non-reverse Himiko only SB 2 + 1 Trigger Unit.

+ Spring Source Witch, Ficsis: Because all of most your G1 is Witch and on G2 has 1 Sorcerer. You can use her to add 1 card to hand with 1 SB.

+ White Brush Witch, Artis and Prothemeus of Dancing Lights is a couple can make you find and check the trigger for next drive check. They can give VC and themselves Pow to attack with magic value.

+ Strongbow of Starry Night, Ulixes: Because Himiko Reverse will put all of your unit to Soul, Ulixes can do that and give you draw 1 card.

+ Gleaming Lord, Uranus can give you free Force Maker with ability of Shitateruhime. You can choose to CB1 and gets 1 Force or SB2 to gets 1 Force.

Deck Breakdown

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