New Zorga is Also a Rush Deck

Author: PirateUnlife Date Uploaded: 2 weeks ago Last Updated: 1 week ago
Deck Views: 245 Deck Comments: 0 Deck Format: Standard
Deck Nation: Stoicheia

Deck Description

An early prototype build for the new Zorga. Basically, the same principle as my previous build applies; rush the opponent early so that it's easier to finish them off in the mid to late game while also maintaining pressure through attrition. Because of the new Zorga's ability to get back an order from the drop zone, I decided to swap out the Hendrina/Carrion Processing combo for more orders + Maid of Thirst. She's a 20k beater that can be used early and can pitch orders to the drop for new Zorga, so she covers the early game rush if I don't open Spiritural Body Condensation. Again, this is super early so take everything in this build with a grain of salt. Order choices are based on whether or not they'd be bricks in the early game or, in the case of Tearful Malice, cards I don't want to risk losing/not seeing.

Deck Breakdown

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