D collab: Keter Sanctuary Thegrea

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Deck Nation: Keter Sanctuary

Deck Description

D has collab 5 time which Touken Ranbu, Shaman King, Monster Strike, Shuumatsu no Valkyrie (but this Nation isn't on this web yet) and Vanguard Light Novel. This is the deck collab with Cross Vanguard - 1 of Bushiroad Light Novel about lore in Cardfight Vanguard World in D series Timeline.

Thegrea is the deck help you Persona Ride with another unit with different card name as your VC. With your Vanguard are One Who Walks the Path of Light, Thegrea and One Who Blooms in The Dark, Thegrea.

And talk about the Ride line, I play Blaster Javelin and Blaster Dark because they are so good. Blaster Javelin has ability as same like G1 Thegrea and Blaster Dark can retire your opponent's in the beginning of the game such as Shaman King or Burce. Then he give himself a drive check without discard anything.

Grade 3:

One Who Walks the Path of Light, Thegrea and One Who Blooms in The Dark, Thegrea is your VC. Your first ride G3 is Light Thegrea who can give you call 1 card from 5 card in the top deck, this give you chance to fill your board. The second ride much be Dark Thegrea because you want her to make your opponent hard time to guard. The ability give her Stand and attack again is amazing, you shouldn't want to use the retire ability if your opponent don't have strong rear. Then Third Ride, you can choose whatever VC you want because already in soul of each other. If you ride Light Thegrea, you will be focus on the ability when she stand your rear.

Grade 2:

+ Atrocious? Moth Girl, Maple (Treat as by Blaster Blade) has ability is:

[AUTO](Drop):When your grade 3 or greater vanguard is placed during the ride phase, if you do not have a unit with "Maple" in its card name, you may call this card to (RC). (If there are 2 copies of this card in drop, you can only call one)

[Glitter]-"Thegrea" (Active if your vanguard is a [Glitter] with "Thegrea" in its card name)

[AUTO](RC):At the end of the battle that this unit attacked, COST [Soul Blast one or more cards], choose a card from your soul with the same grade as the sum of the grades of the cards [Soul Blast] for this cost, put it into your hand, and put this unit into your soul.

Which ability can recycle herself to RC when your Vanguard place then in her attack, you can add 1 card from soul to hand depending on your Soul Blast. If you didn't have any Thegrea, you can Soul Blast 3 to add 1 Thegrea in soul to hand for the next turn, if you already have Thegrea in hand, you can add whatever you want.

+ Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere can call Knight of Friendship, Kay directly from deck to RC, give you has more way to fill your board.

+ Knight of Protective Spear, Arthen can protect your other rear when he on front row. That mean your opponent much get him frist, then your other rear later. 

Grade 1: 

+ Knight of Friendship, Kay is a booster 13k for Bedivere who can call him directly from deck.

+ Magic of Realization, Kikitsch give you to put back trigger in your hand to deck and draw new card. Its just like a re-draw but its only 1 and itsactivate by ability 

Deck Breakdown

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