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Premium decks By gules1 - 11 months ago 470I can't make premium decks. When I try to add Dragon Empire triggers from OverDress, to a Premium Kagero deck, the system says that I can only have 1 clan per deck.11 months ago1
How Can I use the pack opening simulator one here? By Par0DIY - 1 year ago 603No, the Pack Simulator is currently disabled here1 year ago2
How can I properly export my deck to TTS? By DevilART - 1 year ago 567I tried to download TTS Image option, but when I tried to make a custom deck with it as face image, the deck never came out right. Some cards contain parts of the next card, and some card image got1 year ago1
Help for Tabletop Simulator By Hammsuke1234 - 1 year ago 1100It works. I just realized, i need to toggle the width and height settings in the game. Other than that, i have to crop a bit from the image. Overall, it worked perfectly.   Thank1 year ago3
Community Discussion Guidelines By Genesis - 1 year ago 781The following are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed if you wish to make use of the commenting and posting systems on VanguardCard. Users who do not follow these rules will be warned1 year ago1