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Sheru Muko (11 months ago): I have been experiencing the same thing. ViewFlooffyBeast (11 months ago): And they don't even work in premium because they're all recognized as different clans, even copies of the same one. ViewPirateUnlife (11 months ago): Hey can you fix the website? All the new cards in standard are under premium for some reason. ViewFlooffyBeast (11 months ago): Found it. It's the same as your last advice. ViewFlooffyBeast (11 months ago): Okay, how did you figure out how to put in the new cards? I keep getting "only 1 type of clan allowed in a deck" in any format. ViewFlooffyBeast (11 months ago): At $8, I feel like Blessfavor is budget rn. You can't convince me that you can afford 3 Prodpollen and somehow not have money left for the over trigger. In this format, you ain't winning without one. It's effectively an extra heal, literally so in this nation. ViewCcruxX (1 year ago): oh ye sentinels are a thing whoops ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): When Danji said "It's Brucin' time" and Bruced all over the place, I felt that. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Superior, but you persona 1 turn late, so it's not a good idea. ViewGhoul (1 year ago): Do you need the masque order to play the deck? Or is the order just for superior riding? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): This means you're persona riding 1 turn late, fyi. And you forgot sentinels. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Oh. Only 8 of a trigger type are allowed now unless otherwise stated on the card. They made that decision, ironically, right after they revealed D format would get a third crit for every nation. There was a mass player migration over that, which is perfectly justified, and the game has been in a financially worse place ever since. Viewomegyun (1 year ago): Suck a kawaii deck! I love just how cute it is. Arkhite is one of my favorite art designs in Brandt and I love the way you incorporated the three sisters into the deck. I can imagine all of them cleaning up after the kaiju Viewomegyun (1 year ago): @FlooffyBeast I just wanted to make something fun, I don't really post my competitive decks on here. I do sometimes on digimon, but not often ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Tier Square is also considered a trigger here, so you're still missing one. As for the normal units, this is just my deck with a difference in ratio of 2. Same units. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I still don't see how she gets quad drive, but I appreciate the description. Viewronelm2000 (1 year ago): @FlooffyBeast done ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): There's more than one order here. And an explanation on how to get quad drive would be better deck building than making us dig for it ourselves. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): It's hard to justify cb1 for only +5 when my opponent had no rearguards, which is what happened. Plus, if you lead with R and they damage check a trigger, L can't hit without a booster, so they just intercept first to keep you from retiring. And that's assuming you went first/persona rode, otherwise it needs a boost anyway. I did try to rush early, but it's hard when you only get one arm in hand. ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): I do agree with bumping Rodney up to 4. Honestly I have mixed feelings about the arms. I think they're fine as g2s but the draw should have gained +5k and the retire one should have gained +10k. Either way I'd focus on the retire one since it gains power and gets rid of interceptors. Also try to rush early since they're g2s and you don't care if they get attacked or if you use them as interceptors. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Just tested. Without Persona/triggers/boost, because the Arms are g2, they can't hit a final vanguard. There was no point in my test when their shield value was relevant; they should've made them g3. I spammed Arms L and drew my deck down to 6 cards while my opponent pg'd most of my vanguard attacks. I would bump Rodney up to 4 at the cost of 1 Megagrago. This is yet another deck that's all draw and no power. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): The vanguard already swings for 33k. He gets all the Arms' power. ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): The arms count as units even on the Vanguard circle. If you hit a front trigger each arm and Silhouette gets +10k power, meaning a front turns a three to pass (which the deck can't do because no triple drive) into a one to pass. Then when one of the arms gets called to rearguard circle due to Silhouette's effect, it'll keep the front trigger it gained. The deck also wants to rush early so fronts help with that. Though I am considering bumping them down to four just because you only can call one of the arms after the vanguard attacks. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Except for the front triggers. They're pointless in the deck because he will have no rearguards when he drive checks. Oh wow. That actually makes this deck incredibly weak. Your opponent can just guard all criticals. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Until he gets another cc, this really is the best build. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I'm only seeing a max of 5 with Freischutz Max, and you need Freiheit on the board. ViewWellwellwhat (1 year ago): 7 attacks? How? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Personally, I'd use both. Extra targets. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Alternatively, if you've already invested in Maple and can't/don't want to pay the rising cost of Radylina, you can still play the new Rorowa, it'll just be sub-optimal. Bushiroad would be supremely stupid not to reprint the first Glitter rear-guards in this set. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Why not use more of his actual synergy? ViewLunar solar (1 year ago): Amazing deck Viewnomgc (1 year ago): Yeah, my bad I was just uploading something real quick to try it on Tabletop Sim, I fixed the ride deck. This deck was inspired by a vanguard reddit post by rainbowstriker_ , and I made some changes I thought would work better. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Also your g2 Rorowa is not in the ride deck. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Did you mean to put Shieldfisher as your vanguard? Nice concept, btw. ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): Fixed. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Uhh, you got 2 Sanctitude. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I do believe Effulgent Wizard just got powercrept. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I know you want to cc with Cleave Muddler, but he's -1 to hand and +0 to soul. Where are your Selfish Engravers? You're not pulling off Depletion Sabbia without her, and Sabbia works best with Attract Inverse so you don't lose attacks. Get Amazing Frost out, because he does the one thing this deck does not want to -1 your deck, which just puts you closest to this deck's easiest loss condition. 12 grade 1s and no grade 3s? I don't care how "different" you're trying to be, Phantasma Magician Curtis is still one of his best pieces. Your only sc's are with Freeze Breeze, which is an on-hit boost, and Sirie, which is called from hand and cb1. On top of all that, you're running Sabbia. I think you severely overestimated how much this ride line charges. You're never getting to 15 soul with this list. I don't care if you have an issue with my criticism. This deck's completely dysfunctional. It's one of the 3 worst decks I've seen on this site. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Except...Genesis is a separate your "clever reference" doesn't work. ViewSheru Muko (1 year ago): As I already stated this is my first time building this deck. Also I am practically running more grade three units because of Destiny Dealer being able to search them out. ViewHaji_Nesua (1 year ago): What's with the lack of Grade 3's? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): If you have Rondahlia, Lutente is pointless. And I don't recommend more than 4 not-grade 3s in the deck. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): You can replace all non-ride deck copies of Demonic Jewel Dragon with Jewel-Embracing Dragon since it has a rear effect, unless you're not expecting to see Masque turn 3. ViewCptPassive (1 year ago): Dear FlooffyBeast, i play chronojet XD(i own swirlers and gungrams), litterally the whole desc has a TLDR and its completely satire, i do agree that i did say for 3 turns, but writing this essay at 4am does not help. again being a pain in the comments section to communicate to you, if you want to take this to discord so we can chat there im all ears, just because a deck is bad does not mean i cant post a decklist about it, i have played the deck and its pretty fun even tho i went 3-2 locals with it ( my store plays mostly Eva, Welstra, Overlord) i do have an updated list which is pretty pog and will update shortly. iwill be updating this guide above as well as i have better ratios and other comments which are important. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): And now that I'm actually reading your description, it sounds like you're just salty about Chronojet beating you and/or being expensive. This deck won't even that score. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): "You will be at G0 for 3 turns", your words. Read Griphosid again. You ride Gila on turn 3. And I forgot to mention this because I forgot about it myself when I tried building a Gripho deck, that I deleted because he's "objectively the worst deck in the format" (quote from the best player at my locals), but your orders have grades, too. You will not be calling or setting ANYTHING before turn 3. ViewCptPassive (1 year ago): For FlooffyBeast I dont think you understand what T3 means..... ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): You're at grade 0 for 2 turns. Not knowing that means you don't understand the deck. You're almost running the minimum shield value as a result. Your Shadow Army tokens are non-renewable and only come from 4 cards in your deck. Take out Destijade, because you can only possibly use him once, and it's a pipe dream. You're better off just parking the tokens on the board. You can run multiple other rear-guards that call Shadow Armies if you have a World. ViewValcifer (1 year ago): Oh thanks for clearing that up! I'll change it and put some explanation on why some cards are there too! ViewCptPassive (1 year ago): Love the deck design, just a heads up i believe thers a 8 crit limit in standard ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Are you new? You only have one vanguard and 3 sentinels. And is the title supposed to be a Yu-Gi-Oh reference? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): No Sentinels, and do you even understand the concept of Persona Ride? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Found your alt account. ViewFumblingFtr (1 year ago): I recon this deck was made by a cool guy ViewLuke7 (1 year ago): Right!!!! 4 drives + 2 Giunosla is ridiculous, specially if you also have gabregg or alvan ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Yeah, the Wandering Souls combo is a lot of fun. ViewKaitoRegal493 (1 year ago): Bruh, no Galactolus? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Which I am okay with, because it's too expensive. The deck does just fine without it. ViewPandaGoBrrr (1 year ago): As of the Bushiroad Japanese offical banlist Combine Rusher can't be used in Eva. Just being prepared for it to most likely to be hit in NA. Once the NA banlist announcements happen in April or May. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Where can I find that new banlist? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): This is great cross support with Hexaorb. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Only 1 Masque? What if it gets checked for damage? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): He hasn't let us yet; he's lazy. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Not that I think it's a bad choice. I just think it'd be better to have more copies of the old vanguard and maybe Salvia. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): The problem I came across with Clapping Dragon is he needs a full back row. And Lianorn Masques can either draw cards, or she can call, but she can't really do both. ViewCcruxX (1 year ago): update: it does not work. ViewEugenefan41 (1 year ago): you forgot to ad PGs lol ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Impressive. Thanks for the effort. ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): So if it's Stoicheia I put in a premium maindeck Granblue card, like the OG Nightrose. Then I put in a random Granblue stride. After that I delete the main deck card and put in all the stuff I need. When the deck is done, I delete the stride and save the deck. Then I just go in and add in the rideline. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Btw, how do you put Masque of Hydragrum in these? ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): Yeah, that's true. I mostly just made it as a basic list since I don't really like how they handled her Masques. Like, it's objectively better but it loses the boosting focus that I really liked. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Oh, damn, she can use Inlet Pulse now. The demand just goes up. You'll only get the retire/call effect once per game in this build. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Oh, hmmm. Maybe. Thanks for pointing that out. If that's the case, I'll just go back to my first build of adding Lalarita for insurance (she's my favorite girl in the deck currently anyway). ViewAlfakraws (1 year ago): But it's only on VC ? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): He debuts in BT10, so you can take that off the title. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Aquamarine is also regarded as "Hexaorb Sorceress", so yes. ViewDanish88j (1 year ago): I've always wanted to ask, does Totris able to search the new Hexaorb Sorceress? ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I like that my favorite girl hasn't been corrupted by the Masque...buuut at the same time, she doesn't do anything she didn't before. She just does it more efficiently, but you can't use her in the ride deck. This card essentially gives you +1 persona ride. She helps the deck's card advantage problem by not putting a card back from your hand, but you also don't get to stack the deck anymore. You can still use Four-side Glow Sorceress when you stand her with Aquamarine's effect. Look for a deck list from me very soon. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): That is one sexy... Monster Hunter Bow. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Only 8 crits are allowed in standard format. It sucks, but that's how it is. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): I'd just like to point out that you have 6 cards that CB and no CC. ViewYumi (1 year ago): For some reason, I can't put G1 Yoh as the rideline. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): And get that grade 3 vanguard out of there; he does nothing for the g4. I see that you're trying to add Mabel and the g3 as a contingency plan, but just get cards that actually draw. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Bruh, there is no point to having Mabel. She gives Triple Drive, not Drive +1, and only on turn 4 when you would ride g4. You have a 7k vanilla booster in your deck. ViewPirateUnlife (1 year ago): I just don't think Shadowcloak is worth it in Masques tbh. It needs to call from hand and deck space is too tight. ViewNoah (1 year ago): Yes its bad because tempest is rn an expensive card not everyone will be able to get so i decided to cut it off the list. Ofc you should run tempest in yputjberk cuz its always in most Situations better than gust. Still this is more of a cheap deck so tempest not included ViewNoah (1 year ago): Ja, tempest ist teuer deswegen nicht drinnen in der Liste, man sollte tempest auf jeden Fall spielen ViewNoah (1 year ago): Yep ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Sooo, Youthberk but bad? Sorry, I've never played against a Youthberk player who won without Tempest. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Brandt Gate is not looking to be anything less than (still) the most expensive nation from now until forever. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Shadowcloak gives you another four copies to search Masque of Hydragrum. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Steal! ViewLuke7 (1 year ago): Forgot about it ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): This guy's literally so bad they had to give him a third grade 3, and he still needs one of the others. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): The Blitz Order PG cannot be played if your vanguard is grade 4. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Well, this is kind of embarrassing: You forgot Obscudeid. ViewRatman2 (1 year ago): Honestly true, on that Oswald take, in general the deck lacks pressure and I feel like this is actually a slightly better solution than running Oswald and it also allows you to add pressure without requiring your opponent to call rear guards, I've been in so many situations where my opponent just refused to call rear guards leaving me to honestly be unable to really add much pressure to my board. Good decklist. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Eugene just got hisself a prime waifu. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Links for the Gripho cards, from Fandom because the comments offer helpful information.,_Griphogila ViewFlooffyBeast (1 year ago): Wait, what changes did you make? I think I liked the previous decklist. View