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FlooffyBeast (8 hours ago): Which I am okay with, because it's too expensive. The deck does just fine without it. ViewPandaGoBrrr (11 hours ago): As of the Bushiroad Japanese offical banlist Combine Rusher can't be used in Eva. Just being prepared for it to most likely to be hit in NA. Once the NA banlist announcements happen in April or May. ViewFlooffyBeast (18 hours ago): Where can I find that new banlist? ViewFlooffyBeast (2 days ago): This is great cross support with Hexaorb. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 days ago): Only 1 Masque? What if it gets checked for damage? ViewFlooffyBeast (4 days ago): He hasn't let us yet; he's lazy. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 week ago): Not that I think it's a bad choice. I just think it'd be better to have more copies of the old vanguard and maybe Salvia. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 week ago): The problem I came across with Clapping Dragon is he needs a full back row. And Lianorn Masques can either draw cards, or she can call, but she can't really do both. ViewCcruxX (1 week ago): update: it does not work. ViewEugenefan41 (2 weeks ago): you forgot to ad PGs lol ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Impressive. Thanks for the effort. ViewPirateUnlife (2 weeks ago): So if it's Stoicheia I put in a premium maindeck Granblue card, like the OG Nightrose. Then I put in a random Granblue stride. After that I delete the main deck card and put in all the stuff I need. When the deck is done, I delete the stride and save the deck. Then I just go in and add in the rideline. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Btw, how do you put Masque of Hydragrum in these? ViewPirateUnlife (2 weeks ago): Yeah, that's true. I mostly just made it as a basic list since I don't really like how they handled her Masques. Like, it's objectively better but it loses the boosting focus that I really liked. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Oh, damn, she can use Inlet Pulse now. The demand just goes up. You'll only get the retire/call effect once per game in this build. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Oh, hmmm. Maybe. Thanks for pointing that out. If that's the case, I'll just go back to my first build of adding Lalarita for insurance (she's my favorite girl in the deck currently anyway). ViewAlfakraws (2 weeks ago): But it's only on VC ? ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): He debuts in BT10, so you can take that off the title. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Aquamarine is also regarded as "Hexaorb Sorceress", so yes. ViewDanish88j (2 weeks ago): I've always wanted to ask, does Totris able to search the new Hexaorb Sorceress? ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): I like that my favorite girl hasn't been corrupted by the Masque...buuut at the same time, she doesn't do anything she didn't before. She just does it more efficiently, but you can't use her in the ride deck. This card essentially gives you +1 persona ride. She helps the deck's card advantage problem by not putting a card back from your hand, but you also don't get to stack the deck anymore. You can still use Four-side Glow Sorceress when you stand her with Aquamarine's effect. Look for a deck list from me very soon. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): That is one sexy... Monster Hunter Bow. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): Only 8 crits are allowed in standard format. It sucks, but that's how it is. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 weeks ago): I'd just like to point out that you have 6 cards that CB and no CC. ViewYumi (3 weeks ago): For some reason, I can't put G1 Yoh as the rideline. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): And get that grade 3 vanguard out of there; he does nothing for the g4. I see that you're trying to add Mabel and the g3 as a contingency plan, but just get cards that actually draw. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): Bruh, there is no point to having Mabel. She gives Triple Drive, not Drive +1, and only on turn 4 when you would ride g4. You have a 7k vanilla booster in your deck. ViewPirateUnlife (3 weeks ago): I just don't think Shadowcloak is worth it in Masques tbh. It needs to call from hand and deck space is too tight. ViewNoah (3 weeks ago): Yes its bad because tempest is rn an expensive card not everyone will be able to get so i decided to cut it off the list. Ofc you should run tempest in yputjberk cuz its always in most Situations better than gust. Still this is more of a cheap deck so tempest not included ViewNoah (3 weeks ago): Ja, tempest ist teuer deswegen nicht drinnen in der Liste, man sollte tempest auf jeden Fall spielen ViewNoah (3 weeks ago): Yep ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): Sooo, Youthberk but bad? Sorry, I've never played against a Youthberk player who won without Tempest. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): Brandt Gate is not looking to be anything less than (still) the most expensive nation from now until forever. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): Shadowcloak gives you another four copies to search Masque of Hydragrum. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): Steal! ViewLuke7 (1 month ago): Forgot about it ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): This guy's literally so bad they had to give him a third grade 3, and he still needs one of the others. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): The Blitz Order PG cannot be played if your vanguard is grade 4. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): Well, this is kind of embarrassing: You forgot Obscudeid. ViewRatman2 (1 month ago): Honestly true, on that Oswald take, in general the deck lacks pressure and I feel like this is actually a slightly better solution than running Oswald and it also allows you to add pressure without requiring your opponent to call rear guards, I've been in so many situations where my opponent just refused to call rear guards leaving me to honestly be unable to really add much pressure to my board. Good decklist. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): Eugene just got hisself a prime waifu. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): Links for the Gripho cards, from Fandom because the comments offer helpful information.,_Griphogila ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): Wait, what changes did you make? I think I liked the previous decklist. ViewRatman2 (1 month ago): it's a priest so therefore best deck ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): They're trying to powercreep Hexaorb when they just barely made her competitive. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): I can't believe I didn't think about Clapping Dragon in this deck. On one hand, I love his early aggression. On the other, furry. And that you completely rely on drawing rear-guards to feed his token, which can just get shot off the board. But completely destroying your opponent in 3 turns is so appealing. Hmmm... ViewRatman2 (1 month ago): Solid deck imo, if possible I would personally want some more draw power other than just the Vanguard, to increase chances of persona riding. I would also run 1 of that new Regalis Piece card that activates Persona Ride without actually persona riding. Other than that really solid. Viewrinni (1 month ago): alternatively named the "inlet is too expensive deck" ViewRatman2 (1 month ago): Based Furry Man ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): If you could take my like, I would give it. Eugene Skywalker is one of my favorite vanguards. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): She only gets 3 attacks currently, so you need powerful boosters or you're never winning with her. But Gungnram is a good draw option for her. I have yet to see reason to run the restand heal trigger. It's still not meta enough. Most multi-attacks just call during battle phase anyway. I also don't see enough people gaining crits through effects to justify 2 of those. I debated Miroslava, but the deck can't cc, so I consider it more of an alternative to Botis, unless you just don't want to use his effect. Plus this build will typically sb your non-triggers for Inhale Pit. And what does "de w/e" mean? ViewOnai (2 months ago): I disagree with 4 of the ride deck g1 I dont find her that important, if anything i'd run the sb3 draw a card guy over her. The heal lineup looks odd, more often see 4 of the regular heal 2-2 or 2-1-1 , 3-1 is weird. Falcate is de w/e but i really like botis tbh, works well with pit, the other card id say to run at least a few copies of is microsilva, recycle them persona rides. That's just my op tho ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): This was just lifted from my deck an hour after I posted it with minimal changes. See the original here: ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): Why would you not put the ride line rear-guards in the main deck? ViewPirateUnlife (2 months ago): Agree to disagree. Personally I think OG Bruce is way worse since he literally is just a vanilla for a whole turn. Viewkiri (2 months ago): Pretty good use of CB and SB ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting you have to wait a whole turn for the stupid ride phase effects. Nope, Viamance is still hot garbage. Can't wait to see how they try to justify making it look "powerful" in the anime. He's just original Bastion. ViewPirateUnlife (2 months ago): This doesn't work because Viamence Bruce doesn't trigger until battle phase and stops once your opponent's turn ends. You'd have to wait a whole turn with G4 Bruce doing nothing for his skill to activate. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): This is probably the best use I've seen of Viamance so far: Not aggressive enough to be your final vanguard, but an aggressive transitional vanguard as you go into grade 4. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): My Alter-Slaughter is already the base for this. I pretty much just swap out vanguards. Viewkiri (2 months ago): troll' Viewkiri (2 months ago): Sheesh ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): With your CB curve, you could replace Salvia with Prodpollen Rafilous and get more plant tokens, and earlier. ViewWellwellwhat (2 months ago): I just got my Welstra deck weeks ago and now I'm excited for his new support. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): Brainwash, Protobulb, and Dober are bricking your vanguard. Read Viamance again. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): I was using the grade 4, so it was "simultaneous". ViewVoiceofReazon (2 months ago): In your case it was a timing thing, because rotting usurp comes into play from drop when you ride your G3, you called over him *after* magnolia was placed. That is after the condition. How alchemagic/orders work is you pay the cost and *then* the effect triggers. So you pay the cost of retiring 2 units (prison dragon) and they see the effect of the order trigger and resolve and they come back. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): Prison Dragon's effect activates from drop. If you retire it with Tearful Malice and then try to call it from drop, you may be hit with a ruling that you can't because they weren't there when you played the order. That was brought to my attention when I rode Magnolia Elder and tried to retire Rotting Usurp by calling over it, and then calling Usurp. Fortunately it was a non-issue because I didn't need to do that, but it was a good point. ViewVoiceofReazon (2 months ago): The plan to consistently retire 2 rearguards is Prison dragon, the sticky is just an engine to retire them when you don't have Tearful Malice to retire them, as they still come back when you alchemagic with it. You can ofc use some of the other units or triggers if you need to, but ideally you draw into Prison by late game and have an easy engine to retire. Even in the end retiring non prison dragon rearguards is fine as you can always get them back with orders once you do have prison dragon set up. The sticky and soul clipping are just for extra resources and options for the gap between prison dragon. As is the plan with any Zorga deck until they make something worth running over/alongside Prison dragon in terms of power, just stall till you have prison dragon or mulligan to get it early. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): How will you be able to consistently retire 2 rear-guards? ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): You don't need the extra grade 0s. ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): I've seen a lot of bad ideas on this site and kept my mouth shut out of respect for others' preferences, but I have to say something this time because this just looks suicidal. It doesn't even look playable. You have 4 cards that can maybe search for 4 overdress and only 1 card to overdress on, and 4 cards that can only target that 1 unit in the overdress state. You think your problem is resource cost when it's actually being able to do anything in the first place. You're too split between archetypes, and you're not even using the right cards to cross them. You realize Erger's not going to overdress in the battle phase, and therefore not counter charge, because you have the wrong vanguard? Where are your spears? 8 draw triggers? How are you going to recycle your Arms? Viewpatman490 (2 months ago): They will be unrestricted on 1/27 ViewFlooffyBeast (2 months ago): Elder and Inlet are still under choice restriction. Viewshafads (2 months ago): Thanks for the reply! ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): Even with Salvia, you should only need 2. Viewshafads (3 months ago): how many tokens exactly do you need for Rorowa , can I just run 2 of them? Currently saving for other cards so I can't afford to buy many tokens ViewPirateUnlife (3 months ago): I mean besides the rideline. ViewPirateUnlife (3 months ago): I mean besides the rideline. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): People who are using Maple in Stoicheia: Please stop it. We have a common grade 3 called Rotting Usurp Dragon that does the same thing, except you're not restricted to calling just one and it can still hit your opponent if you were stuck going second. Maple only has benefit in Blaster and Thegrea decks. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): Her ride line uses soul, too. ViewPirateUnlife (3 months ago): Yeah. I just took a list I saw that topped and edited it a bit. I don't really see any of that as a problem tho because tbh Lianorn's the only thing that uses soul and between Resonance Dragon and 4 persona rides I should be fine. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): With the original ride line and no Biara, you are relying on Resonance Dragon turn 3 and persona riding to use Lianorn's effect past turn 3. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): Replace Maple with Rotting Usurp Dragon. Same effect, but grade 3 and common. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 months ago): If you're talking about deck help, first of all, ditch Kheios, get Bruce ride line. They don't rely on Bruce riding, and the only Kheios effect you're getting here is normal units into soul. You want triggers (grade 0). You don't even have Steady Spiky (who trades triggers for g1s, like sentinels, from soul) or Ultrasound Sirie, which you might as well if you're already using Matelbara. There's also Friend of the Netherworld, Ling. Everything else is pretty flexible, and I think Amazing Frost is a really good choice. You'll probably want cards that can superior call, too, like Miloslava, to make sure you get maximum benefits from Alter-slaughter's effect. I'm really excited that they're giving us a common vanguard with its own unique skill. Zorga's were a disaster. I just hope they give him enough support to be competitive someday. If you're referring to mental help, see a professional. ViewNoah (4 months ago): interesting ViewFlooffyBeast (4 months ago): I guess you didn't get the memo. Dark Strain Dragon is currently limited. ViewFlooffyBeast (4 months ago): I stand corrected. They just released the new wave of promo cards here. Although considering the Prison matchup, Fosado is still competitively a better choice than Four-side Glow. ViewFlooffyBeast (4 months ago): I like it. I think Hexaorb finally has the support to win an event (though it's not "tier 1"). Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I can't hold out hope for Four-side Glow Sorceress being printed in the tcg, even though she fills pretty much all the remaining holes this deck has. There are a lot of great promos we should've had already but don't. I don't understand why they hate printing them here; they're usually so much better than regular set cards. Viewpatman490 (5 months ago): How do you have the G Zone list? I can't seem to have it on my end. Is there a way to get it here? ViewZayVZay (5 months ago): How do you post your deck on here? It won’t let me. It keeps saying invalid deck description, am I doing something wrong? ViewGramFR (5 months ago): nenhum elogio ViewElvianElvy (5 months ago): Finally refined after testing today, friends went to a 30+ peeps tourney all topped 4 with youthberg ViewFriends (5 months ago): How can you get the fafnir card I can’t find it anywhere. ViewSelfPuppet (5 months ago): A bit sad that you are not using Drajeweled support in this deck, but well as long as you can get 13 card in soul at your first grade 3, then it shouldn't matter. ViewElvianElvy (5 months ago): Maybe Draw > Front trigger, having problems being able to survive till persona/youthberg turns Viewvicezero94236 (6 months ago): Have you try this setup before? personally, i dont really have many troubles running this deck even soul blasting isn't really an issue. Feel free to comment if you found any problems in this deck. i'll make a better list next time, but for me, winning 6 to 10 pairing means this is a good deck for me ViewShinyVlogger (6 months ago): Wrong Amount of Units bro. There are certain amount if you count in the anime or the trial deck. You can calculate draw rate smh ViewShinyVlogger (6 months ago): Ren doesn't use an unbalanced deck like this smh ViewSelfPuppet (6 months ago): Funny trigger card. View