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Danish88j (2 weeks ago): oohh ok sorry i did not notice that hahahaha orite i will change it later Viewthed4rknss (2 weeks ago): Hardleg is banned tho Viewchibachoose (1 month ago): Just wanted to say, I've copied this decklist and it's great. I've been able to consistently beat Bruce decks. Oshikuni is definitely better than Volcanigun Dragon just thanks to the 5k shield. the 3k power difference doesn't seem to matter too much. Viewchibachoose (1 month ago): I like this build a lot. Is there any case where you'd might want volcanicgun dragon over Oshikuni or is the 5k shield on Oshikuni just better? Viewchibachoose (1 month ago): I feel like you need at least 8 grade 2s cause otherwise it's gonna be pretty bricky. ViewGenesis (1 month ago): Apologies for the issue with viewing the deck. It's resolved now! ViewAdnyx (2 months ago): Edgy. ViewMootin78 (2 months ago): What are your thoughts on running Keril Violet? ViewMootin78 (2 months ago): 1: Don’t run too many one offs, it’s inconsistent and makes the deck weaker 2: You don’t need the self reviver, it’s Zorga. 3: you don’t run attackers or at least good units. 4: Why are you running so many different orders as one offs, yes this is 1 again but it’s an important one ViewGenesis (2 months ago): I can definitely look into increasing the length of the deck description! Viewvangyugipoke (2 months ago): I know but that’s the trigger line up I like to play so I plan to stick with it ViewShira (2 months ago): Rainbow Triggers ain’t so much the best Idea ViewGenesis (2 months ago): First deck uploaded! View