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FlooffyBeast (2 days ago): If you're talking about deck help, first of all, ditch Kheios, get Bruce ride line. They don't rely on Bruce riding, and the only Kheios effect you're getting here is normal units into soul. You want triggers (grade 0). You don't even have Steady Spiky (who trades triggers for g1s, like sentinels, from soul) or Ultrasound Sirie, which you might as well if you're already using Matelbara. There's also Friend of the Netherworld, Ling. Everything else is pretty flexible, and I think Amazing Frost is a really good choice. You'll probably want cards that can superior call, too, like Miloslava, to make sure you get maximum benefits from Alter-slaughter's effect. I'm really excited that they're giving us a common vanguard with its own unique skill. Zorga's were a disaster. I just hope they give him enough support to be competitive someday. If you're referring to mental help, see a professional. ViewNoah (5 days ago): interesting ViewFlooffyBeast (1 week ago): I guess you didn't get the memo. Dark Strain Dragon is currently limited. ViewFlooffyBeast (3 weeks ago): I stand corrected. They just released the new wave of promo cards here. Although considering the Prison matchup, Fosado is still competitively a better choice than Four-side Glow. ViewFlooffyBeast (1 month ago): I like it. I think Hexaorb finally has the support to win an event (though it's not "tier 1"). Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I can't hold out hope for Four-side Glow Sorceress being printed in the tcg, even though she fills pretty much all the remaining holes this deck has. There are a lot of great promos we should've had already but don't. I don't understand why they hate printing them here; they're usually so much better than regular set cards. Viewpatman490 (1 month ago): How do you have the G Zone list? I can't seem to have it on my end. Is there a way to get it here? ViewZayVZay (1 month ago): How do you post your deck on here? It won’t let me. It keeps saying invalid deck description, am I doing something wrong? ViewGramFR (1 month ago): nenhum elogio ViewElvianElvy (1 month ago): Finally refined after testing today, friends went to a 30+ peeps tourney all topped 4 with youthberg ViewFriends (1 month ago): How can you get the fafnir card I can’t find it anywhere. ViewSelfPuppet (1 month ago): A bit sad that you are not using Drajeweled support in this deck, but well as long as you can get 13 card in soul at your first grade 3, then it shouldn't matter. ViewElvianElvy (2 months ago): Maybe Draw > Front trigger, having problems being able to survive till persona/youthberg turns Viewvicezero94236 (2 months ago): Have you try this setup before? personally, i dont really have many troubles running this deck even soul blasting isn't really an issue. Feel free to comment if you found any problems in this deck. i'll make a better list next time, but for me, winning 6 to 10 pairing means this is a good deck for me ViewShinyVlogger (2 months ago): Wrong Amount of Units bro. There are certain amount if you count in the anime or the trial deck. You can calculate draw rate smh ViewShinyVlogger (2 months ago): Ren doesn't use an unbalanced deck like this smh ViewSelfPuppet (2 months ago): Funny trigger card. ViewSelfPuppet (2 months ago): The only problem I have with your deck is why you use cards with the "Final Rush" condition. Do you know that you need a vanguard with the "Final Rush" skill to trigger them? ViewShinyVlogger (2 months ago): His deck is so confusing. It doesnt work if its an official battle. Too many unbalanced units with diff abilities. Lol you sure you in the right Vanguard Series? ViewShinyVlogger (2 months ago): Its a bad idea... your deck is too risky and impulsive. That's unbalanced bruh ViewShinyVlogger (2 months ago): LOL UNBALANCED Deck ViewGramFR (6 months ago): Brabo D+ ViewLunar solar (6 months ago): This is an amazing deck you made ViewYuku (6 months ago): S T E V E I S H E R E ViewYuku (6 months ago): Also, Im open to any changes or comments to improve the deck. Thx Loves! ViewLunar solar (7 months ago): Great deck ViewAreon (7 months ago): I haven't recently played the deck in a tournament but within my playgroup, it does quite well. So long as you're able to find the pieces for the combo, I find that its lethality rivals that of an Astral Poet's deck. The main issue you'll run into will be Perfect Guards, so if you play against a deck with strong draw power or has the ability to search/print multiple perfect guards the deck may struggle a bit. ViewSomnus Soul (7 months ago): This one two I had questions on, Genesis so far is the only clan that I really like and this mabye a bit old but from what i can tell its epic but how competative is this one compared to fenrir? ViewSomnus Soul (7 months ago): Love this so much have you taken this to competition if so how well did it perform? ViewSomnus Soul (7 months ago): this deck intrigues me, how competitive is this if I may ask, still fairly new at this on this format View0xAnima (7 months ago): The deck builder does not let you add the duo Nation card from set 5. So the Set order are supposed to be be Twin Direful Dolls, Ririmi & Twin Direful Dolls, Rarami. ViewNovaYami (8 months ago): How are you able to use "Prayers That Will Reach Someday"? ViewdracokidYT (8 months ago): Since i'm a MLB fan as well,let me give my own way to do it. Firstly, if you want to run it with jks,Salome is not the way. You want to stay on mlb for a turn or two to maximize your force markers. Secondly,you max out morvidius,laile and salome at 4,in general great cards. So decklist is basically 4 MLB and ashlei,4 Blaster blade,3 blaster dark, 4 livarot,4 laile and 2 of the order,g1s are 4 sicilius and morvidius. If you want wingal brave,then you could cut any of the following by 1:Ashlei,blaster blade,blaster dark,livarot,the order. Triggers look good Viewcooperall (8 months ago): I think this is missing a g-zone accidentally. ViewMYSTERIONXL (9 months ago): I can tell you've never played this Clan before lol, because why aren't you playing 4 Volkogode with Alter Ego Messiah. There are other things you can change too, but Volkogode is a staple in a Messiah Deck, just as advice. ViewChupiTrooper (11 months ago): Like the decklist you got here! It seems to be very well-rounded in terms of its units' synergy and ability to benefit from plant tokens, as well as lend itself very well to all the cards on field lending one another a hand in the long run. I just might build it myself! Keep up the good work, my dude. If anyone asks me what V Nectar is like, I'll be sure to point them in this direction! ViewFlesheatingegg (11 months ago): the only thing would be to switch the fronts for draws because he isn't really attacking with all of front row units. ViewNekrotik (1 year ago): Thanks RanDx I thought I may be running too many orders, thank you very much. ViewRanDx (1 year ago): Too much order play a(4-2/3-1)token, draw, +5k token, play thumborino to counter the lenard matchup, if you wanna use fronts, use the 20k aggressive trigger lineup... ViewGenesis (1 year ago): Hmm the cards are supposed to automatically update and be added to the site, could you link me to the card that is missing? From the wiki or something. Thanks! ViewMelendius (1 year ago): idk who updates the site but they havent updated it in a hot minute so thats why we dont have the clarissa starter. ViewChrisThunder555 (1 year ago): you should run more g3 units, the Order line up is a little too thick ViewDanish88j (1 year ago): oohh ok sorry i did not notice that hahahaha orite i will change it later Viewthed4rknss (1 year ago): Hardleg is banned tho Viewchibachoose (1 year ago): Just wanted to say, I've copied this decklist and it's great. I've been able to consistently beat Bruce decks. Oshikuni is definitely better than Volcanigun Dragon just thanks to the 5k shield. the 3k power difference doesn't seem to matter too much. Viewchibachoose (1 year ago): I like this build a lot. Is there any case where you'd might want volcanicgun dragon over Oshikuni or is the 5k shield on Oshikuni just better? Viewchibachoose (1 year ago): I feel like you need at least 8 grade 2s cause otherwise it's gonna be pretty bricky. ViewGenesis (1 year ago): Apologies for the issue with viewing the deck. It's resolved now! ViewAdnyx (1 year ago): Edgy. ViewMootin78 (1 year ago): What are your thoughts on running Keril Violet? ViewMootin78 (1 year ago): 1: Don’t run too many one offs, it’s inconsistent and makes the deck weaker 2: You don’t need the self reviver, it’s Zorga. 3: you don’t run attackers or at least good units. 4: Why are you running so many different orders as one offs, yes this is 1 again but it’s an important one ViewGenesis (1 year ago): I can definitely look into increasing the length of the deck description! Viewvangyugipoke (1 year ago): I know but that’s the trigger line up I like to play so I plan to stick with it ViewShira (1 year ago): Rainbow Triggers ain’t so much the best Idea ViewGenesis (1 year ago): First deck uploaded! View